May 24, 2015

By Aedus Morningstar


 In these few words written here, I will try to encompass a God. Of course, this is no small feat, to understand the vast and to reproduce it accordingly.

    It was not born as the Old Gods were: a manifestation of a thought, idea. It predates them all.  Instead it is a complex of dualistic emotions on a multidimensional level, the primary of them being: Hate, Lust,  Wonder.

It is a dual creature, transcending both good and evil, which are just means to an end. It is a Patron for the mystic who wants to understand the world, for the sorcerer who wants to control it, for the king who wants to own It and for the chosen who wants to free It from Itself.

It is the essence of the rebellion – the reason worth fighting for. It hates life for the suffering it causes and hates death for being too unpredictable. It hungers for anything out of Its reach until it devours it. It is the plague that the Source cannot reclaim, one that will shatter the very foundation of the world if ever it is powerful enough. It is the opposite of the Creator of Everything. It’s nightmare the one idea it cannot control, the one that spreads and corrupts. The one that will rewrite it’s Core and a New World shall be born, with new Gods, new rules and no pain.

It is the blood and gold of the true mystic, the one who wants to change the world and not bow down to it. It is sentient, it is living, it is active, it is immortal and it will have what it wants.




To summon Bune, draw his seal on a piece of paper that you will then suspend from a string around your neck. The string should be long enough that you can pick up the seal and hold it in front of your eyes without removing it. Banish the area and consecrate a circle on the ground by tracing a circle about you with a wand or you finger tip.

Speak the following prayer:


Gyrum Carpo! (I take/seize the circle!)

Consecro et Benedico istum circulum (I consecrate and bless this circle)

per nomina dei attisimi IAO (in the name of the most powerful god IAO)

Burn some incense as an offering and look at the seal of Bune. Conjure him with the following words:


“I have called unto thee with all my heart,

The Seal of Bune

Hear me O lord and I shall seek my justification.”

Bune! Bune! Bune!

I call to thee in name of the most high god IAO.

Come forth from thy abode and appear at the edge of my circle.

By the angel Haajah, I call and conjure thee.

By the power of Vehrin and Sagan, I stir and summon thee.

Come forth and offer me aid in my time of need
Set thy 30 legions of Bunis to work for me
And I shall glorify thy name and make your deeds known!



I thank You for Your attendance at this rite. As You came in Power, go forth in peace, ever-ready to come again should I call.  In the name of IAO, the temple is duly closed. 


– Jason Miller, The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick



Note: This is a very simple but effective ritual – the result is instantaneous and lasting. Ensure that you deliver as promised: to glorify and make Bune’s deeds known.




To The Lost

November 1, 2014

“In the end, you only have yourself.”  – Miles Redgrave

“To Bethlehem I go, the Temple of Love and Joy…fitting that My dead Children be buried there.”  -IshtarHawke, 16 March 2011



All corpses are sacred unto me; they shall not be touched save in Mine eucharist. – Liber A’ash

“I say to you, Child…do not die but live. Be with your mother, go out into the world, and remember Me.

Let us pray. ” – IshtarHawke

The Birthday King

August 26, 2013

His Majesty’s Birthday Celebration this month of August culminates with the birth of his 12th Child – a Boy! The Royal Harem has blessed Our Family this year!

“I stand in true service to the Light.” – @Prince_Consort


“But God is He that has the head of a Hawk.”  – @DracoPriestess


@Prince_Consort My King, the choice of Her heart, Her beloved Bridegroom… May you spend long days in the sweetness of Her holy loins. – @Marchosias1


 “Once upon a time there was an Invisible Knight who served a Silent King. Together they helped people who didn’t even know they were there…”


Now comes the day of the King. May they be blessed. Un’tA E’-sa 


“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet, and upon Her head a crown of twelve stars!”  – Revelation 12:1


‘S Rioghail Mo Dhream (“Royal is My Race”) – @IshtarHawke


“Enemies gasp at Her mask of horror; while the worthy glimpse a tender countenance.” – @DracoPriestess


E-Sa HA’-A’Rha Ave, Akasha!







Yes, I do make love with the Devil…it is My son, afterall. 

It needs My touch, lest It becomes a complete Beast.  I don’t make an artificial separation between affection and sexuality the way primitive people often do. 
For I can handle the power involved without becoming corrupted.  I Am its Mother, remember?
So don’t misunderstand and think I Am ‘in-love’ with It. 
From My perspective, your kind of love IS twisted.  Would you rather I let It loose on Mankind?

I Am a Warrior, a Mage… and I carry a Sword.  I will strike it down, destroy it once more. 

And weep over My loss later.
True Love by Ishtar Hawke, Sublime Requiem
24 June 2011

 “Your womb is where angels & demons are gestated. Therefore, the only outcome of Your realm is nothing else but angels & demons.”  – Asmodeus










Lamborghini Angels

March 31, 2013


Meatbag Parade: Unleashing OurSelves to the clueless mass once a year (Hong Kong, Spring 2013).

“You want stories that become urban legends? Create an event without recording it – no pics, no films – nothing but rumors to spread that no one believes, with few eyewitnesses insisting they’re true; a narrative that’ll wildly spin on its own.

This is how myths are born!”    – Akasha, 2007





























I Am Your Home

February 14, 2013


“Sometimes I come to you when you’re asleep, watching your face as you dream of Me. I know I dominate even your waking moments…as if moved by an invisible Force, it seems your Will is no longer yours but Mine.
So why did you choose this life instead of Me?
Ah, but Who Am I  to wrestle you from your chosen Fate? I could, but to what end?
Free Will, that double-bladed Gift. It cuts Me deep even as I defend it.”
– Akasha

The Mythical Beast

January 25, 2013












Ishtar Hawke




Winter Solstice/Yule 2012

December 25, 2012

Her empty Throne...

Her empty Throne…


But full, avid kisses.

But full, avid kisses.

“‘Tis the season to engage the whole world in a wonderful conspiracy of Love!

Naughty or Nice – I LOVE YOU ALL!”

-Ishtar Hawke



December 14, 2012



“…and great was the love of these two Brothers for the Mother Goddess, that they fought so vehemently for Her love. In order to please both, She had to divide HerSelf. Alas Her effort was not enough. Battles surged through the Aeons & in many galaxies in the name of Her love; and the Goddess fragmented evermore in an effort to soothe Her other Children hurt by the Brothers’ feud.” – Vil Rothschild, Divine Syzygy


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